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Interaction design at MarketCircle

Today when I launched Daylite, it alerted me to the availability of a new version. I know from experience, though, that it’s bad news to try updating Daylite, before updating Daylite Server. Since Daylite Server doesn’t have a “Check for Updates” feature, I went off to

Frustrated that I couldn’t find a download link for the server update, until after having made like five clicks — one of which was on a “Would you like to download the Trial Version of Daylite?” box — I tweeted the following to someone in MarketCircle support (who will remain nameless, because I like them, and do appreciate their quick responses):

A challenge: Go to and figure out how to download the updated version of Daylite Server. Count how many clicks. Does the path to accomplish that actually involve clicking “Daylite Trial”?

No kidding, here’s what I got back:

I did it in two. 1) Scroll down to the Blog section on the home page and click the latest post. 2) Click on the DLS download link.

So if you want to update, you scroll to the very bottom of the website, then go visit the blog. Who on earth is doing interaction design at MarketCircle?

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