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Selling in Spain

20 October 2011

Having a stash of used Apple equipment to sell — including a Mac Pro, MacBook, two 24” Cinema Displays and a 23” Cinema Display — I took an ad out on the Spanish “” website. And, oh boy has it been an “experience”.

So far, I have had no less than four exchanges like this one.

A guy named David emails me saying he’s interested in the Mac Pro (1,700 Euros), but that it’s for his girlfriend who didn’t want to spend more than 1,000 Euros. Oh well, I say, guess it’s not for you then.

Can you lower the price just a bit? Sure, I’ll meet you half way, at 1.350 Euros.

Does it include a monitor? No. I do have a 24” Cinema Display, and will include that for a total of 1.650 Euros.

Oh, I thought the 1.350 would include a monitor. Do you have the original boxes, CDs and manual? (They all ask if I have the original boxes, manuals and CDs…) Yes, I have them.

Ok, I think I’m going to take the Mac Pro and monitor for my girlfriend. She’s going to kill me! Do you have other Mac equipment to sell?

Yes, another 24” and a 23” Cinema Display, and a 2.5” SSD.

What price will you give me if I can sell the other equipment? I have friends that might be interested.

If somebody wants to buy everything, I’ll sell it all for 2,300 Euros.

I’ll give you 2,100 Euros, and we’ll be on our way this afternoon. You need to take into account that I’m selling your other stuff, too!

I don’t care to whom you sell the other stuff. I’ve told you that if somebody wants to by the whole lot, I’ll sell it for 2,300 Euros. No less.

Ok, I’ll take it for 2,300.

Are you coming today then?

Well, my car is broken, and it’ll be a few days before its fixed.

Ok, then just give me a date.

Wait, my friend asks if the 24” is compatible with Windows 7? I don’t know.

My friend asks what connector the 24” has? I send him the Apple specs URL.

My friend wants to know if you have the original box, CDs and manuals? Yeah.

My friend wants to know if it’s compatible with a 2009 MacBook Pro. I think so, but you need an adapter.

Do you also sell the adapter? No, I’m not a store. You can buy it at FNAC.

What does FNAC sell it for? I don’t know. Call FNAC.

Ok, so I’m going to keep the Mac Pro, one 24” Cinema Display, and the 23” Cinema Display. One of my friends said the 24” was just too much. I still think I can sell it, though, so I’ll still take everything for 2.300 Euros. Can I transfer you a small deposit?

I don’t want a deposit. Just confirm what you want to buy, and when you’ll come pick it up.

Well, I’m leaving this weekend for Madrid to pickup my girlfriend’s passport, and I’m going to take the opportunity to stay a week for my birthday. I’ll be back here a week from Saturday. But then, I’m not sure if I can come then either. Oh, but I do confirm I’d like to buy the SSD too, but in December for Christmas. Hey, let me transfer you a small deposit, and we’ll organize the date later.

Sorry, the first one that brings me the full purchase price gets the equipment.

WHAT?!? You promised you’d reserve it all for me. What a way to do business!!!

Seriously, this is the fourth such experience I’ve had, in which I get to listen to all sorts of stories about girlfriends, broken cars, other friends, pending tax returns, plans to pay soon, and potential trades for Wii’s and broken jet skis.

And they all end up with me somehow accused of being the bad guy. Amazing.

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