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Tag: Funny

The bee

This would have made for a decent avatar photo, if not for the bee.

High fashion Dadida

The local Chinese shops here in Spain are absolutely shameless. From iPod shuffle knockoffs to “top brand” clothing like these hilarious “Dadida” socks.

Spamming the SEO Spammers

Right, there’s another one. If you run a website, I’m sure you’ve gotten your share of these:

Hi there!

We found your weblisting on one of the back pages of Google. Wouldn’t you rather be up front? Our experts in Search Engine Optimization can help you become more visible and more productive. A quick email will get you details.

Thanks in advance!
Silvia Abernathy

Selling in Spain

Having a stash of used Apple equipment to sell — including a Mac Pro, MacBook, two 24″ Cinema Displays and a 23″ Cinema Display — I took an ad out on the Spanish “” website. And, oh boy has it been an “experience”.

So far, I have had no less than *four* exchanges like this one.