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The Sprint HTC EVO 4G — Sorry Apple, you knew it was coming

25 January 2011

SPRINT ARE BRINGING OUT THE BIG GUNS, with this truly powerful advertisement for the, uh — not sure exactly what it’s called, The Sprint HTC EVO 4G? Doesn’t matter, just have a look:

After a moment to catch my breath, my first thought was that forever I’ve been opening the Weather app on my iPhone, never really imagining the day would come when I could instead watch a man talking about the weather in a Flash player.

My second thought was, “I do need a phone with a peg leg.”

Anyway, more seriously, let’s check out this ad.

FIRST ad displaying more than six trademark symbols.

C’mon, Matt, I said seriously. (And it needs to be taken seriously; Sprint probably paid somebody $25,000 for this ad.) Ok, here we go.

First, I don’t get the usage of “FIRST”. But maybe that’s just me.

The main point of this ad is that the EVO runs Adobe Flash. And in case that doesn’t mean much to you, the ad emphasizes that 85 of the top 100 sites use Flash. (In the small print, they point out that they got this data from Adobe, who in turn, got the data from Alexa.)

Does this mean my poor iPhone can only deal with 15 of the top 100 sites? Let’s go check out the Alexa Top 100.

Google (seems responsible for at least 20 of the top 100). Facebook. YouTube. Yahoo. Wikipedia. Twitter. Amazon. LinkedIn. eBay. Flickr. Apple. New York Times.

Hmmm — where is the Flash on these sites? Oh, I see — mostly it’s the ads. The ads on these sites are often Flash.

So what this ad is really saying is that if I’ll switch to a Sprint HTC EVO 4G, in addition to getting a phone with a peg leg, I’ll finally be able to see all those slide-out, content obscuring ads I’ve been missing!

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