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Buggy Twitter website

For being one of the world’s largest and most active online services, it’s surprising how buggy the Twitter website is.

This morning, using Safari on my Mac, I tried to do a little Twitter list management and immediately ran into the following issues:

  1. I created a list called “Products”, and set it to “private”. Even though the list settings indicate that it’s private, the list is actually public:
  2. I couldn’t add people to a couple of lists that I created. The spinner that appears when selecting a list checkbox—the one letting you know it’s communicating with their server—would appear, but then the checkbox simply remained unselected. (Sorry, can’t capture this in a screenshot.)
  3. When I then tried to delete these evidently unselectable lists, they continued to exist.
  4. My existing lists are not editable. If I try to change the title of a list and tap the Save button, the save button refreshes but the list title doesn’t change.
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  1. Jamon Holmgren Jamon Holmgren

    Not to mention the crappy direct messages feature. I’m always getting notified of nonexistent messages.

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