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Be careful when doing business with Virtual Post Mail

On December 26, I requested by email that my account at Virtual Post Mail be closed. (Unsurprisingly, their web interface doesn’t provide a way to do this, nor any instructions regarding how to close your account. Don’t you hate companies that don’t provide account closure from the web?)

Anyway, on the same day, I received a reply from Naohe that my account had successfully been closed, and will not be charged again:

As I expected, today, January 27, I received another charge on my credit card from this company:

So now I have to spend my time and effort contacting them to get the money returned, and again asking them to confirm closure of the account.

In the future, I’m sure that I will at some point again need a mail reception and scanning service, and you can be sure that when the time comes, I will not be returning to Virtual Post Mail.

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  1. T. K. Running T. K. Running

    So, how did they they respond to your followup? I mean, human error is not unheard of. It happens. As long as they promptly clear up their mistake, that’s the most important thing.


    • Matt Henderson Matt Henderson

      They cleared it up. Their customer support has gotten really good, in my experience, and I’m actually considering to return to them as a customer.

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