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Beginning of the end for 9to5 Mac?

For many years I was an avid reader of TUAW, “The Unofficial Apple Weblog”, for my daily dose of Apple-related news. But then something happened. Things changed.

It all began when I noticed that the full contents of the TUAW articles stopped appearing in the RSS feed—thereby requiring me to visit their site (and see their ads) if I wanted to read their content.

Soon afterwards, TUAW’s content began to grow in volume, while at the same time decline in value (can you say, “Caturday”?) As a final step in the decline, the business was shut down completely.

Just before TUAW’s demise, I was happy to discover a service that was similar to what TUAW used to be—9to5 Mac. 9to5mac replaced TUAW in my RSS reader, and all was again good.

Until today. Today, when I opened Reeder, and clicked on the 9to5 feed, I saw this, which I hope doesn’t mark the beginning of the end:

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