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Don’t do business with

03 March 2015

Somebody signed up for an account at using my email address (a common occurrence, since I have a relatively common name, and was the first to grab it at Gmail.) Heres what happened next:

  • LocalFlavor dont verify that the people who sign up for their service actually own the email accounts they specified in the on-boarding process. As a result, I started getting Daily Deals email for someone in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • I clicked the unsubscribe link at the bottom of those emails, and was taken to the subscription management area of the website, which reported that I was unsubscribed. But the site doesnt respect that setting, and I continued to get the daily emails.
  • And heres the worst Since I own the email account the person used when signing up, I reset the LocalFlavor account password, logged in, and attempted to delete the account. Any you know what I discoveredno surprise really, from such a slimy businessthe accounts area of the website doesnt provide any link to delete your account.

I absolutely hate companies who make it difficult to leave.

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