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Photos for Mac

Great collection of commentary by Michael Tsai on the new Photos for Mac app.

Some time ago, I switched from Aperture to a file-based approach to photo management, automatically uploading first to Everpix (until they went bankrupt), then to Loom (until they were sold to Dropbox) and finally Picturelife (who has just been sold to StreamNation).

Getting back to Apple, for the long-run, will be great. But I’ve got some head-scratching to do to figure out how to get all those photos into Photos for Mac, and in a way that preserves as much meta-information and organization as possible.

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  1. elblogdeanna elblogdeanna

    Hi Matt. I will be giving Photos a chance transitioning from Aperture… only time will tell whether I move to Lightroom for the first time! Please keep us updated on your own experience!!!!

    • Matt Henderson Matt Henderson

      Well, right now I’m trying to merge the two Aperture libraries I have — one containing all my photos prior to joining Everpix, and one containing all my photos after. The problem is that the new library was created by duplicating the existing library, and then deleting everything. And now, when I try to merge the two Aperture says, “You can’t merge these libraries because they are the same!” I’ve found a workaround, which I’m trying to implement right now.

      • elblogdeanna elblogdeanna

        Thanks Matt!

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