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Rand Paul is up to some slimey shit

It began yesterday with a “personalized” email spam from Rand Paul, announcing that he’s running for president, and asking for contributions to his “money bomb”. This morning, I received a second spam from him, reminding me he’s running for president, and asking for money.

(He has my email address because years ago, I made the huge mistake of donating to his father Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. I posted a blog article over on Dafacto documenting the spam nightmare that snowballed into.)

Anyway, what’s pathetic about these emails from Rand is how condescending they are. Fabricated personalization (hey it’s addressed to me!) and talking about how “he and I” are going to “scare those bigwigs in Washington” just communicates the assumption that his audience is comprised of little more than uneducated simpletons.

That pissed me off, but the following takes the cake.

This afternoon I get an email from “Alexandra”, saying, “Matt, Rand asked me to email you. Is everything OK?”.

The footer of the email contains a fictitious thread between Rand and Alexandra with subject, “Matt’s Donation” — in which Rand communicates to “Alexandra” that he’s surprised he hasn’t heard back from me, really needs my support and asks her to follow up.

Have a look below. This is just pathetic.

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  1. Arto Bendiken Arto Bendiken

    That is slimy indeed and one wonders who could possibly fall for this level of inane. But then, I also wonder if this sort of strategy might not be business-as-usual for campaigns like this, given that I haven’t noticed any drummed-up media outrage from his opponents regarding this obviously and undeniably underhanded tactic.

  2. LarryM792Nato LarryM792Nato

    Rand can’t possibly think people believe these emails are actually from him. Its supposed to be humorous. Right?

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