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The user experience of European banking websites

11 March 2015

One area in which the United States is light years ahead of Europe is online banking. Some time ago, American banks finally came to understand that the usability of their online interfaces represents a competitive advantage, ever growing in importance. Most European banks have not gotten that message yet.

For example, here’s the login screen at Deutsche Bank:

The login form required three pieces of information—my passport number, an account reference, and a password. But here’s the kicker—these fields can’t be filled in with something like 1Password. You can’t even copy and paste manually from 1Password. Deutsche bank actually requires you to manually type everything out using that “virtual keyboard” you see on the screen! Arrrrg!

In addition to being a major pain in the ass (Did you notice the numbers are scrambled?), this also serve as a total disincentive to using a long password.

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