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What to do about this German customer from hell?

Following is a screenshot of the latest Rego reviews as reported by AppFigures. Pay particular attention to the first one.

This German guy, “wilkay”, bought Rego years ago and immediately gave it a 1-star review claiming that Rego “broke his GPS”. I managed to find and get in touch with him though, of all places, Flickr, and explained that Rego physically can’t break his GPS; that his GPS is a native function of his iPhone. With this clarification, he adjusted his review to 5-stars.

But then, when we launched Rego 2, he immediately went to the App Store, and left a 1-star review saying, “I’m not interested in this app any longer. After this update, I think the developers will abandon it.”

Hmmm. OK. Whatever.

And now, after every single point update we make, he rushes off to the App Store, to be the very first reviewer to leave a review, and always the same—1-star, because we don’t have a German translation of the app. (He usually also mentions that he plans to delete the app, which he’s obviously not doing. Hell, I wish he would!)

I keep trying to get in touch with him, but having had that one conversation with him years ago, he has since not responded to a single message from me.

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