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Why can’t Twitter fix their Mac app?

The Twitter app for Mac OS X appears to be full of bugs, the worst of which, for me, is that the timeline displays tweets for people I’ve muted at

With Tweetbot for Mac, I used a private list, my “A-List”, to effectively create a timeline filtered to the 10 or so people I really want to read on a daily basis. The default display of this list in Tweetbot survived app restarts.

But as we’ve known for a while now, Twitter have stopped supporting third-party developers, and this is beginning to show in apps like Tweetbot. For example, the historical scope of searches appears to extend only back about a week in time.

With the official Twitter app for Mac, to view my “A-List” list involves clicking the list icon, then hunting through the inexplicably non-alphabetically-sorted list. And I have to repeat this each time I launch the app, as the previous view on quit isn’t preserved.

When Twitter announced dropping support for third-party developers and clients, the stated justification was that Twitter wanted to ensure that every user received the best Twitter experience possible, and that could only be achieved if Twitter themselves controlled all vehicles through which users experienced the platform.

Fine, but how can we reconcile that position with the awful state of Twitter for Mac today, and the fact that it is apparently receiving zero attention within the company?

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  1. kOoLiNuS kOoLiNuS

    Agree every single word…

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