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Ronak Parekh is a persistant man

29 January 2016

Several weeks ago, I posted a job on Upwork looking for an individual who could help me test our new product, ChessDrop. In addition to receiving applications from individuals, I also started getting emails from all the offshore companies who use Upwork as a source of leads.

Many don’t even bother to read the job description. Here, Mr Ronak Parekh seems to believe that I’m looking for developers to build a mobile version of our product. Our mobile product, of course, already exists, and my post didn’t mention any development work, or a single planned enhancement.

As with the others, I didn’t bother replying to Mr Parekh. Unlike the others, as you can see below, that hasn’t dampened his resolve. I’m curious when he’ll finally give up, but in the meantime I’ll keep updating this post with his contacts. We’ll see how long the list gets! :-)

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