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The personal website of Matt Henderson.

Buggy Twitter website

16 April 2013

For being one of the world's largest and most active online services, it's surprising how buggy the Twitter website is. Read to find out why.

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Name Mangler 3 for fast and efficient file renaming

15 April 2013

In my job (probably just like you) I work with lot of files on my computer—images for websites, screenshots for the App Store, financial statements and receipts for the accountant. Here's how I assign standard names to all those files.

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Problems with Movistar ADSL

09 April 2013

And so it goes—I've now worked with every major telecommunications provider in Spain, and have had serious problems with all of them. Here's the latest about Movistar.

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Please update your RSS feed

02 April 2013

If you follow my blog via an RSS reader, you will need to update the site feed URL due to Google's shutting down of the FeedBurner service. Continue reading for details.

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Book notes Manage your day to day

01 April 2013

Be aware that we crave distraction, and distraction is the enemy of productivity. It’s so easy to get into the habit (or addiction) of distraction without realizing it. Don’t check email or other information sources in the morning (or impulsively).

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