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The personal website of Matt Henderson.

Spamming the SEO Spammers

01 September 2012

If you run a website, Im sure youve gotten your share of these: Hi there! We found your site on one of the back pages of Google. Wouldnt you rather be up front? Lately, Ive been having a little fun with these SEO experts.

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How much should you learn about investing?

27 August 2012

Many years ago, I learned the fundamentals of investing, and over two decades of consistently following them, confirmed that (at least for me) they worked exactly as advertised. Over the years, though, a questions I've asked myself many times is how much investing knowledge should the average person have? Have I learned more than necessary? Have I not learned enough?

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College wasn't his biggest mistake

11 August 2012

Steve Corona, CTO of Twitpic tells the story of his path from failing out of college to become an executive a leading social service. It’s an inspiring article, but I think the title is unfortunate.

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