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Cooperative booking for travel, hotels and car rentals

Whenever we travel, it’s almost always my wife who does the online research, and settles on a particular flight, hotel and/or rental car. She then emails me URLs, with a request to make the bookings.

In my experience, those URLs — which usually span at least four lines in the email — almost *never* lead to what my wife had configured and thought she was sending to me. Just today, a rental car she found in Holland, showed up as a car in Albania for me! In the end, we always end up sitting down and doing both the research and booking together.

I imagine this scenario is not uncommon, where one person does the research, and another does the booking. It would be great if companies operating these websites foresaw this workflow, and ensured that researched configurations can accurately be passed to another person for booking.

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  1. Mårten Mårten

    Check out Tripbirds, a new Stockholm-based hotel booking service. You can make a search, add interesting hotels to a “short list” and easily compare and share this list. It’s really great. (Also, if you share the URL to your search results, the configuration sticks.)

  2. Matt Henderson Matt Henderson

    Interesting. Thanks, Mårten—I’ll check it out!

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