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The personal website of Matt Henderson.

The Story of RaceSplitter

17 March 2011

For almost a decade, my company, Makalu Interactive, has been providing web design and development services to clients. We’ve had a lot of both good fortune, and success. But all along, we’ve also dreamed of creating and selling our own products, and have been working towards the day in which we could share time between both serving clients, and creating for ourselves.

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The Big Short — A brief summary of the 2008 financial collapse

07 March 2011

The Big Short, by Michael Lewis, is an amazing book about the banking crisis of 2008. Having watched the events unfold over the course of about a year, and not really understanding everything involved, the tragedy of situation wasnt quite as impressive to me at the time, as it is having read Lewis concise, clear and compressed explanation of it. While Id encourage everyone interested to read the book, Im going to try to summarize the story here.

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Apple's subscription policy is not unfair

18 February 2011

Apple Inc. took a risk, and invested in the design and development of an integrated platform — including innovative devices, an operating system, a distribution system, and a payment system. They offer this platform in the free market, under a set of terms and conditions to which those who choose to participate must agree. Those terms explicitly allow Apple to change the game anytime they wish.

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Confusing feedback from the Postini spam service

15 February 2011

Postini is a hosted spam service, now owned by Google, which filters your mail before it arrives to your account, placing anything it considers spam into a “quarantine”. When you ask Postini to deliver an incorrectly caught good message, it gives you the option of adding the sender to a whitelist.

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