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You are what you eat

26 August 2008

One of our neighbors who works in the Spanish agriculture business was telling us, in passing conversation one day, about the steroidal products that are used nowadays in the produce industry. It was interesting to hear that one of the main uses for such products was the production of crops which simply look good. She explained, for example, how unnatural it turns out to be, that each piece of a given fruit or vegetable happens to grow to precisely the same shape and size as all the others.

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Pico de Juanar

24 August 2008

The plan this morning called for an exploratory walk around the Refugio Juanar (about 20 minutes from Marbella, direction Ojén), to find and examine the trail that leads from Pico de Juanar to Istán.

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Mirador de Luis Ceballos

23 August 2008

The area around Yunquera, in Andalucia’s “Sierra de las Nieves” is famous (maybe even world famous) for its concentration of beautiful and majestic “Pinsapo” pine trees. Although we’ve been there several times in the past, we decided to head up there early this morning, to take in some of the cool mountain air.

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Weekend in the Alpujarras

18 August 2008

After an intense week of work, my wife’s suggestion on Friday to head off to the Alpujarras for the weekend was music to my ears. We did some quick Googling, found a nice apartment for rent in Bubión, loaded up the Jeep and hit the road.

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An overview of personal investment

14 August 2008

In this article, I’m going to compress a lot of study, experience and opinion about personal investing, into a single essay to which I can refer others.

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How to create POIs from Google My Maps on Mac OS X for a Garmin Nuvi GPS

12 July 2008

I have a Garmin Nuvi 370 GPS device, and a Mac OS X MacBook. We're planning a trip to Stuttgart, Germany and I hoped to be able to easily load waypoints, locations, POIs (Points of Interest)--in other words, "places"--onto my GPS beforehand. I don't know if I've discovered the only way to do it, but I did find a way. And it is far more complicated than I'd hoped. So, until I find a better way, here's how it's done:

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