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DEVONthink Usage Tip : Daily Notes

06 November 2003

I was recently asked by someone on a mailing list to document some usage tips related to the DEVONthink information manager. I’ve been looking for time to write a complete article, and haven’t found any, so what I’ve decided to do is to publish bit by bit, starting with this post.

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Palm Software and the G5

03 November 2003

Based on my own experience, and some reports from others, I thought that Palm software didn’t run on the G5. A tip from suggested the following:

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StuffIt Deluxe 8

06 October 2003

I purchased and installed StuffIt Deluxe 8 for my Mac. Having used it for a couple of weeks now, I’ve had the following thoughts:

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Cruz de Hierro!

29 September 2003

It was the "Queen Stage" of the season -- the long and mighty climb to towards Ronda and the "Cruz de Hierro" (the Iron Cross). Except for some rather extreme suffering at the very end, I had a great ride and finished in the top six or seven. Cycling buddy Diego managed to snap some fotos -- even without chopping off my head!.

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