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Tihs Mkeas Snese?

15 September 2003

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Palm Developers, Where's my RSS Newsreader?

03 September 2003

If you’re a Palm developer, and looking for an idea – how about a good RSS news aggregator? Something like NetNewsWire on the Mac? Web surfing on the Palm is the pits, unless you happen to be into two dimensional scrolling. Syncing Web content for offline reading on the Palm is also the pits. But reading news from RSS feeds, which is mainly text, should be a quite an enjoyable experience on the Palm. And RSS publication is growing rapidly – just heard recently you can turn your custom searches into RSS streams, to keep up with new releases based on your own defined criteria.

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Photo Finish

01 September 2003

Months of training finally produced some results today. For the first time since my injury last year, I was able to stay with the pack in the mountains. We rode from Marbella to Ojén, then to Coín, and then to the mountain-top finish at the "Parador de Juanar". I started off slow, even dropping on the climb to Ojen, but then recovered well, felt strong, and finished just a few meters behind some of the top people in Juanar.

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DirectNIC Revisted: Look what I found!

28 August 2003

While waiting for DirectNIC to respond to my support request email and fax (I’m sure they’ll be getting back in touch with me any minute now…), I started looking over that transfer confirmation email they sent me. I noticed a slight difference between the single (well hidden) “ok, confirm the transfer (you schmuck)” link, and the 50 or so odd “DENY THE TRANSFER (We knew you were bright. You’re better off staying with us anyway!)” links. And that one difference was the presence of the following in the URL:

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Reading on the Palm

22 August 2003

If there’s one thing I really enjoy using the Palm for, it’s reading ebooks. Things have improved so much since I first gave ebooks a try several years ago:

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Corrupted PreferencePanes Cache

20 August 2003

Alex Harper, the author of the nice MenuMeters utility for MacOS X recently helped me solve a nagging problem: Sometimes newly installed PrefsPanes simply wouldn’t show up in the System Preferences. Turns out there’s a preference panes cache file that can become corrupt:

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15 August 2003

My thumbs are cramping – my neck is straining – my wife is giving me that look but I’m WIRELESSLY BLOGGING FROM THE LIVING ROOM BABY!, with my new Palm Tungsten C. More on this and other experiences coming soon…

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