Keyboard Maestro script for tweeting latest post

My blogging workflow generally involves:

  1. Posting a blog article with MarsEdit
  2. Reviewing the article in Safari
  3. Tweeting the article in Twitter

Step 3 required copying and pasting both the URL and the article title, separated by an em-dash, into the twitter client. I simplified this with the following Keyboard Maestro macro, which, in addition to forming the correct tweet text, also strips out the blog name from the title—for each of my two blogs Dafacto and Rantbox.

Drive Slowly

The way I’ve always driven my scooter around town could best be described as “hurried”. I drive fast. I usually accelerate through yellow lights. I zip between cars.

Why? Impatience, I suppose.

Recently, my wife signed us up for a swimming class in the wee hours of the morning. Since she never accepts any of my lame excuses to skip class, I’ve found myself driving from home to the pool as slowly as possible; any time I can kill driving there is time I don’t have to swim laps!

I drive the speed limit. I slow down at green lights in the hope they’ll turn yellow, so I can stop. And I never zip between cars.

But you know what’s interesting? It doesn’t help! All that slowness, and the trip is maybe prolonged by maybe a minute or two.

That got me thinking. When you consider the risks involved in driving fast and the small amount of time actually saved, it’s pretty obvious that it’s not a smart tradeoff!

I guess this is common sense, but it’s probably worth at least reminding ourselves from time to time — Drive Slowly!