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CapitalOne User Experience

CapitalOne could have emailed me with the following short note:

Due to forthcoming changes in our online banking, please visit the following URL if you access Bill Pay via Quicken: . If you don’t do Bill Pay via Quicken, you can safely ignore this email.

I don’t do Bill Pay at CapitalOne via Quicken, and so I could have immediately got on with my day. Instead, CapitalOne chose a process which unnecessarily cost me about five to seven minutes of my time.

1. They emailed me to let me know that a new “secure message” was waiting for me in my account.

2. I then had to login, figure out where the “message” area is, navigate there, and then click on the new message.

3. The new message told me that changes were coming, and to learn more, I needed to visit that above URL.

4. I visited the above URL, and determined that this update doesn’t affect me.

Considering every aspect of the user experience is important. Due to this experience with CapitalOne, instead of thinking “What a smart bank!”, I’m left thinking, “I wonder how much of my CapitalOne fees goes to supporting inefficient operations?”

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  1. Betsy Betsy

    Ditto. However, unlike you, I did not click to the fact that there is something called Quicken BillPay, which is a paid service, not the free online “billpay” service I use from Quicken, through the Capital One Bank website. So I went through all the instructions for Quicken and for QuickBooks as well, which I use for my office accounting. Having done this, I am no longer able to download transactions in either program since the Capital One “upgrade.” The Monday after the upgrade, a Capital One rep told me they had failed to do something with the PPDF (?) files for Quicken and QuickBooks, and as of that Friday, Capital One still cannot help me, saying only, “it’s a known issue, but we cannot tell you when it will be fixed.”

    Anyone have suggestions for another bank that offers a good online banking experience? I’m ready to switch.

  2. Peter Ammon Peter Ammon

    Hi, my name is Peter Ammon from Switzerland, excuse my bad english,
    but I want to tell you an occurrence that happened in one of your branch in Fredericksburg VA. 22407. 9801 Jefferson Davis Highway.

    On the September 22. 2010 we visit your branch to change traveller checks in cash. Normally this is no problem, then American Express traveller checks are prepaid and as good as cash. This knows every bank institute around the world. But your people in your branch made trouble. First the did not want change, then they ask for 2 identity cards from my wife. She has the checks presigned in Switzerland, so she had to contersign it again. My wife had just her Passport, they meant that is not enough we need 2 identity. Sorry a Passport is not enough? With this passport we entered the United States. No chance with your people.

    We were so furious, I told your staff a bunch of idiots. And I hope your bank will bankruptcy and go to hell.

    Next door by bank of America, we had no problems with the checks.

    Peter Ammon Switzerland

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