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User interface review of the new and improved Securitas Alarm.

A few weeks ago, a Securitas salesman popped into the office, offering deep discounts should we be interested in upgrading our three-year-old alarm system. Given three years of technological advances, my expectations were high, and Securitas certainly delivered. In addition to the old features, we’ve now got magnets on the entrances, and their latest, easy-to-use alarm panel — which you’ll have to see to believe.As you can see, anyone comfortable using an iPhone will feel pretty much at home.

With 13 possible icons to press, the new model offers over three times the benefits of the old panel, with its four icons. Should we ever have an emergency in the office, and I’m under duress, I’m confident that I’m going to appreciate these benefits.

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  1. Jose Luis Jose Luis

    Spain is different Matt, guess you figured that out already! 😉

  2. Niall O Broin Niall O Broin

    I’m curious – did you even spend 5 minutes reading the manual? I wished that I had done that before spending an hour dismantling my dishwasher door, and discovering that the reason we were having difficulty opening it was that the child lock was partially engaged. And there was NO icon at all to indicate the existence of such a lock. Who knew dishwashers had child locks?

  3. Niall O Broin Niall O Broin

    In fairness, you’re right about the emergency thing – when the ordure is impacting on the air moving device, are you going to remember the manual you glanced at a year ago?

  4. Matt Henderson Matt Henderson

    Of course I didn’t read the owner’s manual. My iPhone does far more complicated things than this alarm system, and I didn’t need to read its manual.

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