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Strangest failed payment notification ever

12 September 2012

Pingdom is a great service, and we use them to monitor all of our sites and apps, but I gotta say — they just sent the strangest failed payment notification ever.

So let’s figure this thing out:

  • It's not a notification, it's a "status update"
  • It's begins by letting me know that, "an idea I voted on has been closed." An idea that I voted on. What on earth does that mean?
  • Doesn't matter, really; I'm encouraged to go spend some more votes! On more ideas!
  • So which idea did I spend my one vote on? "Problem with payment". (That's a good idea, or is it?)
  • Something's been completed. What has been completed? "(No Status)", that's what.

Weird. weird. weird.

I just confirmed with my credit card provider that no failed charge attempt happened, so let’s just chalk this one up to them, hopefully, beta testing something?

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