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Strangest failed payment notification ever

Pingdom is a great service, and we use them to monitor all of our sites and apps, but I gotta say — they just sent the strangest failed payment notification ever.

So let’s figure this thing out:

  • It’s not a notification, it’s a “status update”
  • It’s begins by letting me know that, “an idea I voted on has been closed.” An idea that I voted on. What on earth does that mean?
  • Doesn’t matter, really; I’m encouraged to go spend some more votes! On more ideas!
  • So which idea did I spend my one vote on? “Problem with payment”. (That’s a good idea, or is it?)
  • Something’s been completed. What has been completed? “(No Status)”, that’s what.

Weird. weird. weird.

I just confirmed with my credit card provider that no failed charge attempt happened, so let’s just chalk this one up to them, hopefully, beta testing something?

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  1. Pingdom Pingdom

    We can agree that it may seem a bit strange in this case. However, please notice that we’re talking about, which is not a customer support forum. It’s used for customer feedback and suggestions, where users can vote for what new functionality they’d like to see in future releases. Some of the language and functionality in Uservoice is therefore not that well suited for situations like these.

    Pingdom support will get in touch with you to sort this out, and we’ll look into how we can make it more clear in Uservoice that it’s not a support forum. Perhaps some of the wording can be modified as well.

  2. Matt Henderson Matt Henderson

    Hi Magnus, it seems you’re under the impression that I somehow initiated the strange email that I received? As far as I know, I have never visited

  3. Pingdom Pingdom

    Then the mystery thickens. We’ll look into it further and see what we can find out.

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