What do four questions look like?—Bad user experience with Booking.com

Earlier this week I completed a trip that I’d earlier reserved with Booking.com. Today, a fews days later, I received this innocent-looking email from Booking, asking me if I’d be so kind as to answer four questions about my trip.

Four questions. That’s all. Why not? So, I clicked the link.

Would you like to know what four questions looks like? More like nearly 16 to me. Thanks for a great user experience, Booking.com.


Booking tweeted to me that they plan to address this. Let’s check back next year.

4 thoughts on “What do four questions look like?—Bad user experience with Booking.com”

  1. I work at a Travel site and my priority is UX so that you don’t get that dreaded questionare, very surprised Booking.com (one of the leaders) are pushing this terrible journey out to their users!

  2. Seriously….you want to complain about a questionnaire asking for your input after a guest stays at a facility which they booked on booking.com? This is a “Terrible Journey?” You have got to be kidding. One presumes the guest who booked the stay read the reviews of prior guests before making a decision on booking their stay.

    It would take two minutes at most to fill in the form and one presumes that if a guest does not want to answer the questions after seeing the form, he can decline by leaving the site. Why is this considered burdensome and annoying? How else is booking.com going to evaluate the properties that list with them?

    My understanding is that reviews on booking.com are considered more reliable than TripAdvisor and other review sites because NO ONE except people who have made reservations through their venue are asked to submit reviews.

    I don’t understand what the big deal is.

    1. @pipedream, the point wasn’t that they contacted me for feedback. The point was they contacted me saying, “Would you be OK to answer four little questions?” and then present me with a form that’s got four sections, and 16 questions. That’s misleading, and that was the point.

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