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Anatomy of a Movistar customer service catastrophe

03 July 2013

In convenient chronological order:

  1. At the Makalu office in Marbella, we used to have Jazztel 6mb ADSL.

  2. A Movistar salesman offered us 30mb VDSL for only a bit higher cost, if we’d switch from Jazztel. Said he could make the migration completely transparent; one day we’d come into the office, and just have 30mb waiting for us. We accepted.

  3. Movistar installer came a few weeks later, discovered our office is too far from their switch to support VDSL, and said the best he could do was install Movistar 6mb ADSL. And that’s what he installed.

  4. For the next two months, we didn’t have ADSL service in the office, because the original VDSL order was still in the Movistar administrative system, but the technician installed something different (ADSL). Both the commercial and technical departments claimed that the other party was responsible for resolving the situation. When I desperately asked why the two departments couldn’t simply talk to each other to sort this out, they both said that unfortunately that’s company policy they don’t communicate with each other. The customer has to be in the middle.

  5. On like my 50th call to Movistar, I finally hooked up with someone resembling a human being who cared enough about our situation to personally get involved. She managed to cancel the VDSL order and create an ADSL order, after which our service was switched on.

  6. When the Movistar bill arrived, as expected, we were charged for three months of the more expensive VDSL. Getting that reversed was another nightmare.

  7. On Monday of this week (about a month later), our ADSL stopped working. After pleading with the people in technical supportand going through the whole “reset the router, disconnect the phone, blah blah routine”they agreed to send out a technician. Technician arrived Tuesday and discovered that Monday morning, for some unknown reason, somebody in Movistar switched our account from 6mb to 10mba bandwidth our office simply can’t support (and so the ADSL line couldn’t sync.) He made a call, got it switched back, and we were back online.

  8. Today, Wednesday, our ADSL is down again. Probably we’ve been switched back to 10mb. Thinking about calling tech support and starting the ball rolling again just makes me want to cry.

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