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The Philips phone that’s going to cause me to lose my hearing

After years of using Siemens phones at work, I replaced the last phone with this one from Philips—and as a consequence I’m going to lose my hearing.

Every phone I’ve owned has worked in the following way: The act of pulling the phone out of the base answers the call—i.e. it rings, you pull it out of the base, put it to your ear, and start talking.

Not so with the Philips. With the Philips, you actually have to press the green telephone icon to answer the call.

The consequence of that, of course, is that now when the phone rings, I pick it up, put it to my ear, say “Hello” and then…the phone blasts the next ring directly into my ear!

Philips — The company all about Innovation. Design. Change.

PS: If you’ve called me recently, and I seem to be in a bad mood when answering, you now know why.

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