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The personal website of Matt Henderson.

Don’t do business with

03 March 2015

Somebody signed up for an account at using my email address (a common occurrence, since I have a relatively common name, and was the first to grab it at Gmail.) Heres what happened next:

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Considering health care costs as taxation

22 February 2015

The US tax revenue as a percentage of GDP is about 35%. In this article, Phil Greenspun points out that Obamacare, which forces citizens to purchase health insurance, isn’t materially different than European governments forcing citizens to pay extra tax to covers the cost of state-provided health care.

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Nepal Documentary

16 February 2015

We watched this interesting documentary about Nepal the other night on the Apple TV. Back in 1998, my wife and I spent two weeks following the same trekking route as covered in this video, from Lukla to the base camp of Everest. It was a wonderful experience, and from the video, it looks like little has changed since we were there.

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A paragon of user interface design

13 February 2015

Taking inspiration from microwave ovens and remote control devices of the late 1980s, I present to you ladies and gentlemen the latest in innovative European interface design—the new Spanish parking ticket machine.

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