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Rand Paul is up to some slimey shit

08 April 2015

It began yesterday with a “personalized” email spam from Rand Paul, announcing that he’s running for president, and asking for contributions to his “money bomb”. This morning, I received a second spam from him, reminding me he’s running for president, and asking for money.

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Lifecycle Investing

02 April 2015

We live in an age in which the responsibility for providing for one’s financial needs during retirement mostly lies on the individual. A historically successful approach involves persistent saving and investing according to the fundamentals introduced in my book, Money for Something. This article looks specifically at asset allocation over one's lifetime.

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26 March 2015

Un profesor de económicas en una universidad anuncio que nunca había suspendido a un alumno, pero que recientemente había suspendido a una clase entera. La clase insistió que el socialismo de Obama funcionaba y que nadie seria pobre ni rico, un formula magnifica para garantizar la igualdad.

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For your credit report, more accounts is better?

19 March 2015

Today I decided to review my credit status at CreditKarma, and found that all components of the report were listed as excellent, except for one—the number of accounts I have on record—which was listed as “Poor”, with the number of accounts being in the range of 6-10. Uh-oh.

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Politics, Society and Corruption

19 March 2015

Hardly a day passes here in Spain that we don’t hear news of yet another case of political corruption. Whether it’s the left-leaning PSOE or the right-leaning PP, representatives from both the country’s main political parties are regularly caught in unimaginable schemes of corruption.

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The opportunity cost of spending today

16 March 2015

The power of compounding interest can be understood through the “rule of 72”—i.e. the number of years it takes to double your money is approximately equal to 72 divided by your rate of return. For example, assuming your invested savings compound at a rate of 7%, you would double your money every 10 years.

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The user experience of European banking websites

11 March 2015

One area in which the United States is light years ahead of Europe is online banking. Some time ago, American banks finally came to understand that the usability of their online interfaces represents a competitive advantage, ever growing in importance. Most European banks have not gotten that message yet.

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