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Hike through Fuensanta to El Burgo

09 December 2006

Today, we headed off from Marbella to Monda, then Guaro, then Alozaina, then Yunquera, finally arriving at El Burgo, in the heart of the Sierra de las Nieves. From there, we began the 2.5 km hike to the recreation center known as Fuensanta.

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Entering the world of GPS with the Garmin 60Cx

06 December 2006

This past summer, our family has spent numerous weekends exploring the mountainous areas of Andalucia. In particular, weve been exploring the areas around Gaucn, the valley behind Ronda containing Benojn, and the next valley up the road containing Villaluenga. For each location, weve located tourist maps containing listing of local trails for hiking.

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iTunes Killer Application — Better List Purchasing

17 October 2006

I've been purchasing music from the Apple iTunes Store since it opened, and am sure that I'm single-handedly keeping them in business. Thinking about it (as a roaming mountain goat tried to climb into my car) this past weekend, it occured to me that the true value, for me, in the iTunes store is the discovery of new music, and the purchasing of blended lists of music (either iTunes Essential My Groove lists), or user-submitted playlists. I've discovered that I simply don't have the time, nor the knowledge of my own music collection, to create interesting playlists. I'd much rather leverage the time and effort of those much better qualified.

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US Telephone Services

04 September 2006

This US is clearly ahead in many fields, but telephone services doesn’t appear to be one of them. I think it’s long been agreed that mobile services in the US are far behind their European and Asian counterparts (and this was in line with my personal experience last time there.) But after witnessing my mother’s recent adventures, I’m starting to think this might apply to fixed-line service as well.

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