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MacOS X Services Menu

10 August 2004

Walking through the contents of the MacOS X's "Services" menu, one finds all sorts of interesting tools and utilities. My problem is, though, that there are just too many services there. I feel dizzy when I look at that menu! I understand that basically any application can expose services through this framework, but I wish there were some way that the user could override, or manage, the visibility of the services which are finally shown to the user.

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09 August 2004

Let's say you're thinking about buying an apartment as an investment, to rent. You make a down payment, take out a mortgage, and purchase the property. You rent the property for three years, at the same time making mortgage payments. At the end of three years, you sell the property (it has increased in value each year, as real estate often does), and pay off your mortgage.

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32 days, 19 hours

23 July 2004

32 days, 19 hours — that's the present "uptime" reading on my Apple Macintosh OS X computer. I guess the next time this machine will get restarted will be the next time it gets an OS update. It's great that "stability" is no longer an issue in our use of computers. I remember the years before OS X — the daily crashes, Conflict Catcher, PRAM resetting, weekly re-installation of the OS...

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On-the-Fly Emailing

22 July 2004

My wish for Apple Mail 2.0 would be a mechanism for shooting off a quick email without leaving the present application. I would like to hit a key combination, have a window pop-up (similar to the QuickSilver interface), with only the basic controls -- subject, body, addressing, signature, account selecting, and send.

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New Honda Lead Scooter

18 July 2004

Automobiles can be downright inconvenient in your average-sized Spanish town. Traffic on the narrow streets can come to a crawl when a big truck decides to unload, or even just when some driver happens to see his neighbor and stops in the middle of the road to chat about the weekend. And parking — oh parking — especially in the summer months, can be simply impossible.

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