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The personal website of Matt Henderson.

Awful experience ordering from Timbuk2’s European distributor

30 June 2015

Update — Timbuk2 is really a great company. After posting the story below, the head of Timbuk2 European operations reached out to inform me that the company operating the website is unaffiliated with Timbuk2, and that later this year Timbuk2 will have its formal Europe-wide distribution channel in place, hopefully putting an end to this confusing situation.

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Should I restart my Mac each day?

30 June 2015

I transport my MacBook Air daily between home and the office—closing the lid to put it to sleep, and opening the lid to wake it. Twice per day, every day.

I’ve always hoped that the Mac OS is designed to handle these interrupts gracefully, but I’m beginning to wonder. It seems that each time I restart my Mac, I see evidence that things are getting suspended or stuck—Carbon Copy Cloner alerts me to the fact that my backups haven’t run in a while, HazelHelper starts posting literally thousands of notifications, OmniFocus alerts me to 900 items that need archiving, and even the visual appearance of icons on the desktop change.

So I’m beginning to wonder whether I should get in the habit of just restarting the machine every day.

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The “repaired” zipper on my Tom Bihn Co-Pilot

24 June 2015

The main compartment zipper on my Tom Bihn Co-Pilot zipper broke a month or so ago. To avoid the round-trip cost of sending the bag back to the United States from Spain to have Tom Bihn repair it, they suggested I give a try to having it repaired locally. I paid nearly $20, and here’s the result — a “magic’ zipper that doesn’t close.

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Why the Flickr Mac Uploader needs to stop auto-creating albums

15 June 2015

Recently, Flickr introduced a Mac Uploader application, promoting the idea that with 1TB of free storage, Mac users could now store a copy of all their photos at Flickr, conveniently and automatically. In the interest of redundancy, I installed the Mac Uploader, and pointed it to the “Photos Library.photoslibrary” package file that’s managed by

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Trip to Budapest, Hungary

14 June 2015

This past weekend we traveled to Budapest, Hungary to visit the city and to spend some time with Lance’s chess coach.

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