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The personal website of Matt Henderson.

The Box

10 June 2015

When I was a child, I had a box in my bedroom that was full of all sorts of bits and bobs—ranging from batteries, to rubber bands to screws, string and discarded wood chips from my grandfather’s shop. Many hours were spent pouring over those items, arranging them in various combinations and imaginatively dreaming about what amazing things could be built from them.

Today while reading Ian Bernstein recount a similar story in Offscreen magazine, I wondered to what extent this is a shared experience amoung those of us who grew up to later dedicate our lives to the making of things.

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Hike on the Vereda de la Estrella, Granada

08 June 2015

This past Saturday we traveled to Granada to let the kids participate in the 22nd annual edition of the Acropolis Chess Tournament, and decided to take the opportunity to stay over until Sunday and do what’s considered the most beautiful hike in the area, the Vereda de la Estrella, in the Güejar Sierra.

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QuickBooks Online and the un-dismissable guide

05 June 2015

A while back I switched from using QuickBooks for Mac 2012, to using QuickBooks Online. The online service includes a Mac app, which is little more than an HTML wrapper. As such, it suffers horribly from caching issues, but that’s for another article. For today’s rant, let’s look at what’s permanently pinned to the bottom of the Mac app’s window:

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