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The personal website of Matt Henderson.

How to create a kill-switched VPN on Mac OS X with Little Snitch

16 August 2015

In this post, I describe why, after years of using the wonderful Mac/iOS VPN product, Cloak, I’m experimenting with an alternative approach, that combines Private Internet Access (PIA) and Little Snitch. (2015-08-28 — As mentioned in an update at the end of the article, I’ve actually now switched back to Cloak, but using Little Snitch as the kill-switch.)

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Poor 4G network performance with my iPhone 6

25 July 2015

While traveling this past week, and staying in a hotel with awful wifi, I tried working with my MacBook Air tethered to my iPhone 6. The network performance seemed almost as bad as the hotel wifi, even though presumably I had a good 4G connection.

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Lance is the 2015 Spanish National Chess Champion!

18 July 2015

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After coming so close last week in the Under-12 category—finishing 2nd due to the thinnest of tie-break computations—Lance (pictured above in the middle) decided to stay an additional week, and play in a superior age category.

After 9 rounds of classical chess play against the big boys in Under-14, Lance finished alone in 1st place, with 8 of 9 points and was declared 2015 Spanish National Chess Champion!

The full results are online at Info64.

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