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Face management in version 1.0

24 April 2015

Mac OS X 10.10.3 introduced version 1.0 of, Apple’s iCloud Photo Library enabled replacement for iPhoto and Aperture. Over the past couple of weeks, having finally uploaded my 120GB of photos and videos into iCloud Photo Library, I’ve had the opportunity to begin exploring the new application, and much of that time has been spent in “Faces”—the area of the application that allows you to associate photos to people. I previously documented some sync issues related to faces, and in today’s article I’ll highlight some face management issues.

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The people at Squirrels have a shameful approach to communications

21 April 2015

As a past user of Reflector—an app for mobile device mirroring—I wasn’t surprised to receive an email announcing the availability of version 2. When I received the second email, I figured it was a mistake. And when I received the third, I thought their mailing system was broken, and that surely they’d get it fixed.

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iCloud Photo Library

14 April 2015

Having updated to OS X 10.10.3 and iOS 8.3, I’ve finally had the opportunity to start using iCloud Photo Library, and here are my initial observations:

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