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Google Authenticator broken in iOS7. Use Authy instead.

04 July 2013

I discovered this morning that the Google Authenticator app is broken in iOS 7. While it does display authentication codes, it doesn’t display the associated service description. So unless you only use Authenticator for a single service, you’re kinda stuck.

Google are aware of the issue, but haven’t yet released a fix.

Urgently needing to login to Amazon AWS, I discovered an alternative app called Authy that does work on iOS 7. I was quickly able to get setup with (the better looking) Authy and Amazon AWS, Google and Dropbox, and subsequently deleted the broken Google Authenticator app.

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The downside for developers of automatic app updating in iOS 7

03 July 2013

Manual app updating, prior to iOS7, was beneficial to developers as a mechanism to notify their customers that a new version was available1. Since Apple doesn’t otherwise provide developers with a way to communicate directly with their customers, that indirect mechanism served an important role.

  1. I think some developers abused this with unnecessarily frequent updates, simply to trigger a reminder that their app exists. 

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My experience with the Simple bank

03 July 2013

About a year ago, I opened a checking account at and made a small deposit. I'd seen a lot of chatter about the new service and its plan to fundamentally change personal banking, and wanted to give it a try.

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