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Honda Pantheon 125 Scooter

04 August 2005

You longtime readers will recall that last July I bought a scooter -- a Honda Lead. This was a model Honda released with the target of offering a 100cc scooter for the price of a 50cc. One year later, I've decided to upgrade this bike, and purchased a 125cc Honda Pantheon, pictured on the right.

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What’s on your Treo 650?

23 July 2005

A couple of months ago I purchased a palmOne Treo 650. In a relatively short period of time, it’s assumed a place of importance up there alongside my Macintosh. I never realized how nice having phone, PDA and Internet access all wrapped together in a single device would be.

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The Scanner

15 July 2005

I've got a wonderful problem for somebody to solve, one which will surely make them a million dollars, beginning with 10 crisp ones from me. Have you ever opened your desktop computer scanner to find some important document you thought you'd lost -- like your driver's license? Aaaaarg!

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Caption of the day

04 July 2005

Mass sprints in professional cycling can be rough. I just love this image (from Graham Watson, via VeloNews) of today’s Tour de France stage 3 sprint in which Tom Boonen beat out (from left) Stuart O’Grady and Robbie McEwin. Obviously no love lost between these two Aussies. Can you imagine leaning on somebody like that at 60 kilometers per hour?!? (McEwin was later reprimanded and relegated to last place for this move.)

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Lance Armstrong's War

29 June 2005

For quite some time now, my primary way to read books has been the Palm device. eBooks, as they are known, can be stored on the Palm's external memory card, allowing me to carry around practically an entire library. The Palm eReader application lets me take notes, create bookmarks, and remembers my current position in the book.

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My Frozen Beer

03 June 2005

While I've already sent this to a scientific consulting group, and am waiting a reply, it occurred to me that the Internet at large might be quicker:

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Trends in Mac application development

16 May 2005

When I look these days at the applications that I rely on (and enjoy) the most, I note some interesting trends. The best address a highly specific need, are absent of feature bloat, almost never crash, don’t interfere with other applications, are well designed and are developed by small companies (or individuals), most of whom communicate frequently with their users via email and (especially) RSS/weblogs. </p>

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Data Loss in PGP 9 for MacOS X 10.4

13 May 2005

This is what I get for being an early adopter. I figured once the beta campaign was over, the release version of PGP 9 would be safe. Actually, it *is* generally safe, but I discovered a bad bug today. Here's what I sent to the PGP Support Forums:

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