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The personal website of Matt Henderson.

MacOS X Backup Strategy

25 August 2005

Our company recently updated my colleague’s aging Powerbook to a brand spanking new dual-G5 desktop with a 20” Apple Cinema Display. (I expect his productivity to quadruple :-) This is the same setup I have at home, and so Mike ask me to put together some notes regarding my backup strategy. I decided to write this up as a blog article, for later reference.

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Professional Manners

23 August 2005

This morning I spent about 45 minutes sitting in the office of someone working in professional services (a "Gestoria" as it's called here. It's a business that handles the paperwork, accounting, etc. related to running a company.). Of those 45 minutes, I'd say more than half were spent listening to the lady attending to people phoning in with questions.

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Timbuk2 Euro Tote

22 August 2005

Those closest to me know that I suffer from bag addiction — a condition characterized by a never-ending search for just the right bag, for just the right occasion. My latest fix arrived today in the mail (thanks, Mom!) — a Timbuk2 Euro Tote.

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Paseo de los Pinsapos, near Estepona, Spain

22 August 2005

This past weekend, we decided to stay a bit closer to home, and take a little tour through the local mountains. We started the day by heading down the coast towards Estepona (about 15 minutes away), and then turning inland to climb the towering mountain of "Los Reales."

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Job Opportunity: PHP Application Designer & Developer

16 August 2005

MakaluMedia has an urgent need for a software engineer to work onsite at our office in Darmstadt, Germany, beginning September, 2005 (or as soon as possible). The successful candidate should have considerable experience in the design, development and deployment of web-based applications on the Linux (or similar) platform, the PHP scripting language, and the MySQL (or similar) database. Additional experience with system installation, configuration and administration (web servers, databases, networking, etc.) is considered a plus.

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The missing "About" section

13 August 2005

After some "encouragement" (i.e. somebody pointing out that it doesn't look good for somebody running a web development company to have a broken section on his blog), I've finally, after two years, sat down and wrote an "about" section for this website.

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Ardales, Spain

07 August 2005

Today we took a trip to a day trip to Ardales, Spain - about an hour and a bit from home. We'd hoped to visit El Chorro, home of the (in)famous Camino del Rey. Unfortunately, the road to El Chorro was cut, and, being Spain, without any notice of why or how long it will remain so.

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