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Congratulations Lance Armstrong!

28 July 2003

I've been an avid cyclist, cycling fan and Lance Armstrong fan, since, well, longer than I prefer to remember or state here. So you can bet that for a good portion of every July you'll find me glued to the tele watching the Tour de France. (One of the benefits of living in Europe and being the company boss. :-)

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A Model of Usability

10 July 2003

The plane arrives late. We wait 45 minutes for the baggage to arrive in the terminal. The airport staff try to place a living room table on the belt, and of course it jams up the whole thing. Ashtrays are logically installed under No-Smoking signs and everyone, even the airport staff, are smoking. (Rules in Spain, especially as regarding traffic, are to be interpreted as suggestions.)

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Lost Mobile Phone (How it Ended)

08 July 2003

I’d nearly forgotten to post how the story with the mobile phone ended. Actually, everything turned out just fine. I arrived at the agreed meeting place at 8:30 p.m., not really knowing what to expect. But then I saw the man with the metal detector, systematically sweeping the beach for lost goodies. As I approached, he looked up and with a friendly smile fished my phone out of his bag, and handed it back to me. Although we couldn’t really communicate (he didn’t speak English or Spanish), I got the idea he was a very friendly person. I gave him a small tip for taking care of the phone.

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Bad Morning

21 June 2003

Got up this morning, looking forward to my bike ride, and discovered that our phone line was out…

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Mailsmith 2.0 Released!

19 June 2003

Bare Bones Software has released Mailsmith 2.0. Whoo hoo! Integrated support for PGP, Integrated support for SpamSieve, loads, and loads, and loads of improvements and performance enhancements. And best of all… it’s a free update for registered users of version 1.5. :-)

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